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We is a medical furniture manufacturer and exporter in China. Hospital beds are our most popular products, and they are classified into manual and electric hospital beds, hospital flat bed, obstetric bed, hospital emergency trolley bed, hospital examination bed, hospital trolley, hospital baby crib, and pediatric bed. They are designed with one or more functions to ensure patients' comfortableness, and more functions will be able to make nursing personnel's work easier.

In addition to hospital beds, we can also manufacture and supply many other medical furniture such as surgical tray, hospital bedside cabinet, hand washing sink, medicine cabinet, hospital over bed table, hospital chair, medical stool, hospital bed mattress, medical privacy screen, surgical lamp, suspended IV pole, and more.

Most of our products are mainly made of stainless steel or ABS plastic, which ensures high corrosion, temperature and ageing resistance. The key parts of all our medical furniture are provided with five years warranty, so customers can feel secure in purchasing.