-B528 Manual Hospital Bed

-B528 Manual Hospital Bed

-B528 manual hospital bed is manufactured with stainless steel headboard and footboard, and meanwhile, the steel bed body comes with a powder coating to ensure better corrosion, rust and abrasion resistance and environmental friendliness as well. The four supporting legs come with anti slippage and moisture proof functions due to their rubber covers. Casters, side rails, mosquito curtain frame and storage rack are optional.

Specifications of the Manual Hospital Bed

Model Number -B528
Length 2000mm
Width 900mm
Height 500mm
Backrest lifting angle 0-80º
Knee rest lifting angle 0-40º

We is a China-based manual hospital bed manufacturer and supplier. We also offer hospital over bed table, electric hospital bed, medical trolley, medicine cart, and much more.

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