-G818 Adjustable Manual Hospital Bed

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-G818 Adjustable Manual Hospital Bed

-G818 adjustable manual hospital bed has adjustable backrest, and imported air spring is utilized to support the rising and lowering of the backrest. This assures comfortableness of patients during backrest lifting angle adjustment. The bed has aluminum alloy collapsible side rails which can be put up and put down simply and smoothly, allowing patients to move conveniently.

The headboard and footboard are made using quality ABS material, durable and elegant. The wheels of the manual hospital bed produce no noise and allow nursing personnel to move the bed easily.


Model Number -G818
Length 2120mm
Width 970mm
Height 500mm
Angle of back section 0-80º

Our company is an experienced adjustable manual hospital bed manufacturer, based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including hospital over bed table, electric adjustable hospital bed, medicine cabinet, medical supplies shelf, among others.

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