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  • Electric Disabled Hospital BedThe electric disable hospital bed comes with four functions that are bed height adjustment, 0-80º back rest lifting angle adjustment, 0-40º knee rest lifting angle adjustment, and 12º bed overturning functions. The overturning function allows disabled patients to be turned over conveniently, making the bed ideal choice for paralyzed patients who cannot turn over or change positions by themselves. ...
  • Home Care Electric BedThe home care electric bed comes with fixed length of 2120mm, width of 970mm and height of 500mm. Similar to common beds in appearance, it cannot be recognized as hospital equipment when placed in bedrooms, and is ideal choice for taking care of patients at home.
    With external remote controller, the bed is easy for control. The noiseless wheels allow nursing ...

The electric hospital bed is one of our most popular products which have been sought after by many national and international clients so far. It features modern design and multiple functions and is offered at competitive prices without compromising on quality. With reliable performance, the electric hospital bed is an ideal choice for hospitalized patients or others in need of health care.

Our multifunctional electric hospital beds are manufactured with ABS headboard and footboard. The high quality raw materials make the bed durable and reliable in performance. The stainless steel bed body comes with plastic powder coating, making the bed resistant to chipping and scratching. In addition, the coating makes the hospital equipment available in various colors.

User-friendly designed, the back rest of the bed can be lifted up to maximum 80 degrees, and the knee rest to the maximum 40 degrees, which provides the patients with the great comfortableness when lying on the bed. Meanwhile, our hospital beds with five, four and three functions are designed with adjustable height. The free adjustment of the height, angle, etc. provides the maximum convenience to users, allowing patients to read book, watch TV or have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner without any trouble and with great comfortableness. In addition, our electric hospital bed comes with optional configurations such as air mattress or common mattress, movable over bed table, Taiwan Linkan actuator, and I.V pole.

In 2010, Sierra Lenone, a country in Western Africa, bought 2,200 hospital beds from us. Since then, our products have been increasingly demanded by clients from all over the world. Thanks to reliable performance products, we are confident that we can satisfy the demands of each our clients.

As a specialized electric hospital bed manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide hospital examination bed, hospital trolley, hospital baby crib, hospital bedside cabinet, and more.

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  • -G818 Adjustable Manual Hospital Bed-G818 adjustable manual hospital bed has adjustable backrest, and imported air spring is utilized to support the rising and lowering of the backrest. This assures comfortableness of patients during backrest lifting angle adjustment. The bed has aluminum alloy collapsible side rails which can be put up and put down simply and smoothly, allowing patients to move conveniently. ...
  • -G818A Adjustable Manual Hospital Bed-G818A adjustable manual hospital bed has the same design regarding to headboard and footboard, side rail and air spring with our -G818. That is, it has ABS headboard and footboard, aluminum alloy side rails that can be conveniently collapsed, and imported air spring to support backrest lifting. Different from -G818, this manual hospital bed offers anti-slippage and ...