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Founded in 2002, the We is a medical furniture manufacturer and exporter in China. We supply a complete set of hospital furniture, such as our hospital bed, hospital emergency trolley bed, hospital baby crib, hospital bedside cabinet, medical cabinet, medical privacy screen, and more. Each of our products features user friendly design to provide the maximized convenience to patients and hospital staff as well as nursing personnel. For instance, our manual and electric hospital beds, hospital flat bed, obstetric bed, and other types of beds can be designed with optional I.V pole for convenient infusion treatment, and an over-bed table to allow patients have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the bed. They also offer comfortable mattresses to ensure patient comfort.

  • -858 Electric Hospital Bed
  • -858 Electric Hospital BedThe external remote control system makes the electric hospital bed convenient for operation. The synchronous braking system for the four wheels makes sure the bed can be moved and stopped conveniently and safely. The ABS headboard and footboard can be removed and washed. The removable design allows nursing personnel to help patients wash hair or feet, and give them massage and other daily care.
  • -B539 Electric Adjustable Hospital Bed
  • -B539 Electric Adjustable Hospital Bed-B539 electric adjustable hospital bed is designed with four side rails made using high quality PP, which ensures high strength and durability. The side rails can be hidden under the bed so as to enable patients move conveniently and make taking care of patients simple. To ensure safe moving and stopping, the hospital bed is manufactured with synchronous braking system for its four wheels. In addition, the S shaped bed surface and flexible plastic coupling provides ...
  • Low Electric Hospital Bed
  • Low Electric Hospital BedThe electric hospital bed comes with lower height than our other models of products. Its lowered height is 280mm and the raised height is 630mm. Also different from others, it has collapsible type side rails made using aluminium alloy rather than PP. In addition, this bed is characterized by its noiseless wheels which assure convenient and flexible movement.
  • -G828A Manual Hospital Bed
  • -G828A Manual Hospital BedDG-G828A manual hospital bed is durable, elegant, and corrosion resistance, because its stainless steel bed body comes with powder coating, and their headboard and footboard are made of quality ABS. Meanwhile, it is designed with aluminum alloy side rails which can be conveniently collapsed to allow patients move conveniently.
    To ensure comfortableness, the manual hospital bed utilizes imported air springs to support ...
  • -G839-1 Manual Hospital Bed
  • -G839-1 Manual Hospital Bed-G839-1 manual hospital bed has similar designs with our -G839 ICU bed, such as automatically collapsible aluminum alloy side rails, stainless steel powder coated bed body, and washable and removable head and foot boards made of ABS. Its 5'' silence casters makes bed moving convenient, quick and effortless.

All our products have CE certification, and we have made substantial efforts to meet ISO13485 requirements for comprehensive management system for medical device design and manufacture. We acquire only high quality materials from carefully selected and long term suppliers. Incoming materials are only used in production after passing rigorous and meticulous quality inspections. We also give our workers thorough training to reduce defective medical furniture caused by human factor. In addition, all our hospital bed, bedside cabinet, medicine cabinet, and other hospital equipment undergo equipment testing to guarantee their quality and performance. Furthermore, in order to avoid any damage caused during transportation, we pack our medical furniture in two packages. The inner package functions to fix the product, thus avoiding collision and impact during transportation, and the outer package functions to protect the products. Through these efforts, we are confident that only qualified electric hospital bed, hospital baby crib, medical privacy screen, etc. is delivered to our clients.

Located not far from our raw material suppliers, we have reduced material transportation cost. Also, we are situated in an industrial zone, so we have easy access to many outsourcing service suppliers. Thus, we can acquire medical furniture parts and accessories conveniently. In addition, through scientific enterprise management, our enterprise and production management cost is also greatly lowered. Furthermore, our factory is near many seaports such as Shenzhen port, NanSha port, Port, and Foshan Port, to name a few. Therefore, our clients can save on international transportation costs by choosing shipping by sea. These factors all contribute to our reduced production cost, which translates into economical prices of our manual hospital bed, hand washing sink, bedside cabinet, medicine cabinet, and more. Our medical furniture has been exported to many countries in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.